Fan Hui

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Fan Hui
Fan Hui winning for the 5th time at the Paris Meijin in 2005
PinyinFán Huī
Born (1981-12-27) 27 December 1981 (age 39)
Xi'an, Shaanxi, China[1]
Turned pro1996
Rankprofessional 2 dan

Fan Hui (Chinese: 樊麾; pinyin: Fán Huī; born 27 December 1981) is a Chinese-born French Go player.[2] Becoming a professional Go player in 1996, Fan moved to France in 2000 and became the coach of the French national Go team in 2005.[3] He was the champion of the European Go Championship in 2013, 2014[4] and 2015.[5] As of 2015, he is ranked as a 2 dan professional.[5] He additionally won the 2016 European Professional Go Championship.[6]

AlphaGo vs Fan Hui[edit]

In October 2015, Fan was defeated by the Google DeepMind AI program AlphaGo 5–0, the first time an AI has beaten a human professional player at the game without a handicap.[7][8] Fan described the program as "very strong and stable, it seems like a wall. ... I know AlphaGo is a computer, but if no one told me, maybe I would think the player was a little strange, but a very strong player, a real person."[8]

After his defeat, Fan Hui was hired to advise the AlphaGo team and provided a "sanity check" on Go theory. He served as a judge for the AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol match and observed it in person. He later helped compile commentaries on the matches on AlphaGo's website.[9]

Fan is one of the authors of DeepMind's paper on AlphaGo Zero published in the journal Nature on 19 October 2017.[10]


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