Fanboys 'n Da Hood

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Fanboys 'n Da Hood
Studio album by The great Luke Ski
Released Fall 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Comedy
Length 61:59
Label GNOME Productions
Producer Fanboy!
The great Luke Ski chronology
Fanboys 'n Da Hood
Shadows of the Bunghole

Fanboys 'n Da Hood is the first studio album released by The great Luke Ski under the name "Luke Ski's Psycho Potpourri" in 1996. This album has been out of print since 2003, and many of the tracks have since been re-released on later compilation collections. Some tracks were re-recorded for later studio albums, as some of the original recordings used karaoke tracks of the songs parodied as backing music, and backing vocals of the original lyrics were sometimes audible through the parody vocals.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Funny Man" - 4:36
  2. "Insane and the Brain" - 3:43
  3. "My Name Is Fred" - 1:52
  4. "Cruis'n USA" - 2:00
  5. "Spam (Let The Pork Be Pork)" - 3:43
    • Parody of "Slam" by Onyx
    • A song about food in general, with an emphasis on Spam.
  6. "KFC Bitch" - 3:07
  7. "Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues" - 2:16
  8. "Y.O.D.A." - 3:40
  9. "Mystery Science Theatre Picture Show" - 4:26
  10. "Murder Was The Play" - 4:26
  11. "Wahdedah-dee" - 3:03
    • Parody of "Lodi Dodi" by Doug E. Fresh & MC Ricky D.
    • A song about the puppet characters of "Ray TV", a show produced by Luke Ski and his friends
  12. "Ninja Butt" - 0:25
    • Mini-parody of "Da Butt" by E.U.
    • From "Ray TV", a song about the character 'Little White Ninja Man', sung a cappella
  13. "I'm Not A Fishy" - 2:50
    • Original song, by "Frozen Scream", about not being a fish. Contains in-jokes from "Ray TV"
  14. "Born To Lose" - 3:54
  15. "What's Up Spock?" - 3:55
  16. "Fantastic Voyager" - 3:53
  17. "Gowron Said Knock You Out" - 3:39
  18. "What's Up Spock? (Schweitzer Remix)" - 4:05
    • Parody of "What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?)" by Fu-Schnickens with Shaquille O'Neal
    • A song about the first four live-action TV versions of Star Trek (A Voyager verse was added, adapted from the final verse of "Fantastic Voyager")
  19. "104.3 Cory Rocks" - 1:01
    • Original song about the character 'Cory' from "Ray TV". Sung a cappella
  20. "Barn Dance Fever" - 1:16
    • Original song, by "Frozen Scream", about barn dancing. Contains in-jokes from "Ray-TV"

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