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Fancy's Family Farm.

Fancy's Family Farm is a community farm and tourist attraction on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England.[1] The farm is situated at the ex-Portland ROTOR Radar Station, in the Verne area. The community farm acts as a children's farm and educational facility.[2] It is a community interest company, relying entirely on donations.[3]

History and features[edit]

The Verne area with Fancy's Family Farm seen in the distance.
Portland Sheep at Fancy's Family Farm.

The farm was originally located in the village of Southwell. Owned by Su and Jon Illsley, the couple pursued the farm as a hobby to look after rare breed Portland Sheep, and the farm grew into a popular community farm. However, in 2011, the owners faced eviction by landowners Albion Stone.[4] The farm moved to a new site during June 2011 - at the old Portland Rotor Radar Station.[5][6]

The grassland site was tidied, and the former USAF building began refurbishment between 2011–12 and became the farm's main centre of operations. By March 2012, the entire site was completed and ready to open on 1 April.[7] The farm is home to the only flock of Portland Sheep on the island.[8][9]

On 25 May 2013, an event was set up to allow Sub Brit members to enter the underground bunker of the radar station, with all proceeds going to the farm.[10]


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