Fancy Paradise

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Fancy Paradise
Directed by Takeshi 'Ken' Matsumori
Screenplay by Yasuo Tanami
Starring Hideo Naka
Akira Takarada
Akemi Kita
Kei Tani
Wakako Sakai
Toho Company
Release date
  • December 20, 1969 (1969-12-20) (Japan)
Running time
84 min
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Fancy Paradise (空想天国 Kūsō tengoku) is a 1968 Japanese comic science fiction film directed by Takeshi 'Ken' Matsumori from a screenplay by Yasuo Tanami. It is about a cult around an anthropomorphic frog called Gamara (Hideo Naka), probably named in parody of Daiei Motion Picture Company's semi-anthropomorphic turtle, Gamera.

The film also stars Akira Takarada, Akemi Kita, Kei Tani, and Wakako Sakai, with a cameo by Jun Tuzaki.

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