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Fane Flaws (born 1951)[1] is a New Zealand musician, songwriter, and artist. He was a member of bands including Blerta, Spats and The Crocodiles. Until joining Blerta he was known by his second name Michael: Bruno Lawrence insisted Fane was a better name.[2]

He wrote many of the songs used in the film Meet the Feebles.

He animated the titles for Radio with Pictures, a Television New Zealand programme featuring popular and alternative music.

He is co-author, with Arthur Baysting and Peter Dasent, of the children's book The Underwatermelon Man and other unreasonable rhymes.

He also designs rugs, paints and creates assemblage art works from found objects such as demolition timber and building fittings.[3]

Short film[edit]

  • Rodney and Juliet (1990)

Music videos[edit]

Directed unless otherwise noted

Year Song Artist
1979 Tears The Crocodiles
1981 Proud Dropbears
Shall We Go
Come on Over Matt Finish
My Heart's on Fire Machinations
Get Some Humour Jenny Morris
Life in Asia I Am Joe's Music
Talking 'bout the Fridge
The Way You Get Your Way
1983 Beautiful Things The Front Lawn
1985 Diamonds on China The Narcs
1986 Injun Joe The Johnnys
1988 Sweet Lovers Holidaymakers
1989 Parihaka Tim Finn
1992 Dominion Road The Mutton Birds
1993 Giant Friend
1994 The Heater
In My Room
directed by Leon Narbey, recut by Fane Flaws.
1995 Anchor Me
Naked Flame Dave Dobbyn
1999 Can You Hear Us Neil Finn



  • Lemon & Paeroa soft drink. (1991)
  • McDonald's (1991)
  • New Zealand Police – community service commercial on babysitting. (1981)
  • NZ Post (1991)
  • Rexona Dry Solid anti perspirant (1990)


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