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Fang (Chinese: ) is the 47th most prevalent Chinese surname. In Chinese, Fāng (), means "square" or "four-sided". Fāng () is pronounced Fong in Cantonese, Hong or Png in some Min Nan dialects and Png or Pung in Teochew.

Some more uncommon surnames that are also conventionally simplified to "Fang" in English are Fáng (), meaning "house", and Fāng (), meaning "fragrant".


During Emperor Huang Di's reign, a descendant called Yu Lei was awarded the land of Fang (north west of Nanyu[disambiguation needed]) for his contributions in defeating a foreign tribe. He was thus known as Fang Lei, and his descendants were given the family name Fang.[1]

Ji Yuan is considered as another forefather of the Fangs. Ji was a general of Zhou Xuan Wang, and was known for his contributions in conquering the north and the south. Since his nickname was Fang Shu, the king awarded him the family name of Fang.[2]

People with the surname[edit]


  • Forrest Fang (born 1959), American composer of Chinese descent

方 (Fāng)[edit]

Stroke order of the character 方

房 (Fáng)[edit]

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