Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant

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Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant
Country People's Republic of China
Location Hongsha, Gangkou, Fangchenggang, Guangxi
Status Operational
Construction began 30 July 2010
Commission date 1 January 2016
Operator(s) Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Group
Nuclear power station
Reactor type CPR-1000, HPR-1000
Cooling source Gulf of Tonkin
Cooling towers no
Power generation
Units operational 1 x 1000 MW
Units under const. 2 x 1000 MW
Units planned 3 x 1000 MW

Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant is a nuclear power plant under construction in Fangchenggang, near Hongshacun Village ( 红沙村 ),[1] autonomous region of Guangxi (Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) in the People's Republic of China. A total of six reactors are planned to operate at the Fangchenggang site. Units 1 and 2 are both CPR-1000s, units 3 and 4 are planned to be based on Hualong One reactors, and units 5 and 6 are to be AP1000s. Fangchenggang 3 and 4 will be the reference plant for the proposed Bradwell B plant in the UK.[2]

The plant is located about 45 kilometres from the border with Vietnam. It is a project of Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Group, a joint venture between China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co (CGNPC) and Guangxi Investment Group.[3]

Unit 1 was connected to the electricity grid on 25 October 2015.[4] Unit 1 is commercially operating starting on 1 January 2016. [5]

Construction works for Unit 3 started in December 2015.[6] Unit 3 first concrete pour has occurred on 24 December 2015.[7]


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Coordinates: 21°40′N 108°34′E / 21.667°N 108.567°E / 21.667; 108.567