Fanhunter, el juego de rol épicodecadente

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Fanhunter RPG cover.jpg
Second edition cover (1993)
Designer(s) Chema Pamundi
Publisher(s) Gusa Comics/Farsa's Wagon
Publication date 1992 (1st ed.)
1993 (2nd ed.)
Genre(s) Comedy
System(s) Custom

Fanhunter, el juego de rol épicodecadente (Spanish for Fanhunter, the epic decadent role-playing game) is a Spanish comedy role-playing game designed by Chema Pamundi, developed by Xavi Garriga, first edited by Cels Piñol in 1992 and set in the fictional universe created by Piñol under the name of Fanhunter. The first edition of the game, from 1992, was a self-edited publication made out of 500 photocopy-printed copies. The second edition, published on November 1993, was edited by the Farsa's Wagon publishing house.[1]




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