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Origin Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Genres Booty bass, electro, rap
Years active 2003–2007
Labels Tommy Boy Entertainment
Past members Jessibel Suthiwong
Belinda Lovell
Cat Hartwell
Matt Goias
For the clothing accessory, see Fanny pack.

FannyPack was a New York City-based electronic/hip hop group that was formed in 2002 by music producers Matt Goias and "Fancy". The band featured vocals by Jessibel Suthiwong, Belinda Lovell, and Cat Hartwell.

The group's 2003 debut, So Stylistic, was released in the United States by Tommy Boy Records and featured the hit single, "Cameltoe". In 2005, Fannypack released their follow-up LP, See You Next Tuesday, which featured guest vocals by Brooke Lugo and dancehall superstar, Vegas. Cat Hartwell is now a member of the band Holy Hail. Belinda Lovell is now a member of the group Retro Glam and is currently working on a solo album.



  • Lil' Too Late (single) (with Skee-Lo, Belinda Lovell, REDStar & D.J. Cazz) (Premier Ent. Group) (2011)

Belinda Lovell as a member of "Retro Glam"

  • Just for One Night (single) (with D.J. Cazz) (Premier Ent. Group) (2012)


Belinda Lovell as part of Retro Glam has also appeared in:

  • "Just for One Night" (featured in Super Swag)
  • "Lil Too Late" (featured in Bunnies On Deck)
  • "Live Without Him" (featured in Bunnies On Deck)


Opened for Madonna on her 2006 Confessions Tour in the United States.

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