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Related names Frances, Fannie

Fanny is a given name. It is also a pet form of Frances, and the Yiddish name Faiga also a form of Myfanwy.


Given name[edit]

Pet form of Frances[edit]

  • Fanny Allen (1784–1819), first woman from New England to become a Catholic nun
  • Fanny Brawne (1800–1865), engaged to poet John Keats
  • Fanny Brough (1852–1914), British stage actress
  • Frances Burney (1752–1840), English novelist, diarist and playwright
  • Fanny Crosby (1820–1915), American Methodist rescue mission worker, poet, lyricist and composer
  • Fanny Durack (1889–1956), Australian swimmer
  • Fanny Fitzwilliam (1801–1854), English stage actress and theatre manager
  • Fanny Imlay (1794–1816), illegitimate daughter of the British writer and feminist Mary Wollstonecraft
  • Fanny Kemble (1809–1893), English actress, writer and anti-slavery figure
  • Frances Nelson (1761–1831), wife of Admiral Horatio Nelson
  • Fanny Stevenson (1840–1914), wife of writer Robert Louis Stevenson


  • Baroness Franziska Fanny von Arnstein (1758–1818), leader of society in Vienna, born Vögele Itzig
  • Fanny de Beauharnais (1737–1813), French lady of letters and salon-holder born Marie-Anne-Françoise Mouchard
  • Fanny Cerrito (1817–1909), Italian ballet dancer and choreographer born Francesca Cerrito
  • Fanny Cornforth (1835–1909), model and mistress of painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti, real name thought to be Sarah Cox
  • Fanny Cradock (1909–1994), English restaurant critic born Phyllis Nan Sortain
  • Fanny Fern (1811–1872), pen name of Sara Willis, American newspaper columnist, humorist, novelist, and author of children's stories
  • Fanny Heldy (1888–1973), Belgian operatic soprano born Marguerite Virginie Emma Clémentine Deceuninck
  • Princess Fanny von Starhemberg (1875–1943), Austrian politician born Franziska Gräfin von Larisch-Mönnich
  • Fanny Tarnow (1779–1862), German writer born Franziska Christiane Johanna Friederike Tarnow
  • Frederick Fanny Walden (1888–1949), English footballer and cricketer*Fanny Altendorfer, Austrian luger who competed in the late 1920s
  • Fanny Anitùa (1887–1969), renowned Mexican contralto opera singer
  • Fanny Balbuk (1840–1906), prominent Noongar Whadjuk woman who lived in Perth, Western Australia
  • Fanny Amelia Bayfield (died 1891), English-born Canadian artist and educator
  • Fanny Bendixen (1820–1899), hotelier and saloon–keeper during the gold–rush period in British Columbia
  • Fanny Blood (1758–1785), English illustrator and educator and longtime friend of Mary Wollstonecraft
  • Fanny Bornedal (born 2000), Danish actress. Fanny is the daughter of Ole Bornedal
  • Fanny Bouvet (born 1994), French diver
  • Fanny Brennan (1921–2001), French-American surrealist painter
  • Fanny Britt (born 1977), Canadian playwright and translator living in Quebec
  • Fanny Buitrago (born 1943), Colombian fiction writer and playwright
  • Fanny Cadeo (born 1970), Italian showgirl, model, television personality and singer
  • Fanny Cagnard (born 1981), French former competitive figure skater
  • Fanny Calder (1838–1923), promoter of education in domestic subjects in Liverpool
  • Fanny Carrió (1879–?), an active Uruguayan liberal feminist
  • Fanny Chamberlain (1825–1905), wife of Joshua Chamberlain
  • Fanny Churberg (1845–1892), Finnish landscape painter
  • Fanny Clamagirand (born 1984), French classical violinist
  • Fanny Colonna (1934–2014), French-Algerian sociologist and anthropologist
  • Fanny Corbaux (1812–1883), British painter and biblical commentator
  • Fanny Corri-Paltoni, celebrated English operatic soprano active in Europe between 1818 and 1835
  • Fanny Currey (1848–1917), Irish horticulturalist and watercolour painter
  • Fanny Deakin (1883–1968), politician from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England
  • Fanny Deberghes (born 1994), French swimmer
  • Fanny Duarte, Dominican Republic female badminton player
  • Fanny Duberly (1829–1903), English soldier’s wife who wrote a journal of her experiences
  • Fanny Carter Edson (1887–1952), American petroleum geologist
  • Fanny (elephant) (born 1940s), female Asian elephant who spent the majority of her life in a small zoo in Pawtucket, Rhode Island
  • Fanny Carby (1925–2002), British actress
  • Fanny Chambers Gooch (1842–1913), American author
  • Fanny Bury Palliser (1805–1878), English writer on art, and lace
  • Fanny Addison Pitt (1847–1937), an English actress
  • Fanny Cochrane Smith (1834–1905), Aboriginal Tasmanian, born in December 1834
  • Fanny Carlsen, German screenwriter of the silent era