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Fanny Buitrago is a Colombian fiction writer and playwright best known for her novel Señora de la miel. She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 1943.[1]


Her best-known book is Señora de la miel (Senora Honeycomb or Mrs Honeycomb; translated into English in 1996).[2] Her first novel was El hostigante verano de los dioses (The Tormenting Summer of the Gods; 1963).


She generally avoids overt political messages, although she has dealt with the civil unrest of la Violencia, preferring to focus on broken homes and families which act as metaphors for a country suffering great upheaval.[3] Her works have been associated with the Nadaísmo movement in Colombia.


In 1964 she won the Cali Theater Festival Prize for her play El hombre de paja (Scarecrow).[3]


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