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Fanny Garrison Villard at the International Woman Suffrage Congress, Budapest, 1913.

Helen Frances “Fanny” Garrison Villard (December 16, 1844 – July 5, 1928) was a women's suffrage campaigner and a co-founder of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She was the daughter of prominent publisher and abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison.


Early years[edit]

Helen Frances Garrison, known to family and friends as "Fanny," was born December 16, 1844, the only daughter of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison.

Garrison married publisher and railroad tycoon Henry Villard. While raising her children, she led a life fairly typical life of a woman in a traditional upper-class marriage.


After her children were grown and her husband died in 1900, Fanny Garrison Villard became more active in peace groups and women's rights.[1] She joined the American Woman Suffrage Association, and marched against the First World War in New York City in 1914.

Death and legacy[edit]

Fanny Garrison Villard died on July 5, 1928.

Her son, Oswald Villard, was a prominent pacifist and civil rights activist and longtime editor of The Nation magazine.

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