Fantômas (1932 film)

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Fantômas (1932 film).jpg
Directed by Pál Fejös
Produced by Pierre Braunberger
Roger Richebé
Written by Marcel Allain (novel)
Pierre Souvestre (novel)
Anne Mauclair
Pál Fejös
Starring Jean Galland
Tania Fédor
Thomy Bourdelle
Jean Worms
Cinematography Peverell Marley
Edited by Denise Batcheff
Les Établissements Braunberger-Richebé
Distributed by Les Établissements Braunberger-Richebé
Release date
20 May 1932
Running time
91 minutes
Country France
Language French

Fantômas is a 1932 French crime film directed by Pál Fejös and starring Jean Galland, Tania Fédor and Thomy Bourdelle. It features the popular pulp character Fantômas, a supercriminal, and his nemesis Inspector Juve. It was loosely based on the original Fantômas novel by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre. The film was one of a number of Fantômas adaptations made during the 20th century.[1]



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