Fantômes dans la rue

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Fantômes dans la rue
Author J. M. G. Le Clézio
Original title Fantômes dans la rue
Country France
Language French
Genre Novella
Publisher Elle, Aubin Imprimeur
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 48
ISBN unknown

Fantômes dans la rue (Ghosts in the Street) is the title of a novella written in French by French Nobel laureate writer J. M. G. Le Clézio. His daughter Amy Le Clézio suggested the storyline to this novella.[1] It was first published in the French language magazine Elle, n° 2845 dated 10 July 2000.[2]


Publication history[edit]

First French Edition[edit]

  • Le Clézio, J. M. G (2000). Fantômes dans la rue (in French$5). Poitiers: Elle, Aubin Imprimeur. p. 48. 


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