Fantasies (film)

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Fantasies (film).jpg
Directed by John Derek
Produced by Kevin Casselman
Written by John Derek
Starring Bo Derek
(as Kathleen Collins)
Music by Jeffrey Silverman
Cinematography John Derek
Edited by Murray Jordan
Bret Weston
Release date
  • 1981 (1981)
Running time
81 minutes
Country Germany
Language English

Fantasies is a 1981 R-rated English language drama film produced in Germany. Directed by John Derek, the film starred his wife Kathleen Collins (really Mary Cathleen Collins; later known as Bo Derek). Co-stars included Peter Hooten, Anna Alexiadi, Faidon Georgitsis, Nikos Pashalidis, and Kostas Baladimas.[1]

Fantasies was filmed and produced on an extremely low budget in Greece in 1973. Filming lasted just over ten days. The film was not released until 1981, two years after Bo Derek had already become a movie fantasy girl and international star after her breakthrough performance in the comedy 10 (1979).

Director Derek and the underage Collins began a romantic affair during filming and were married soon after her seventeenth birthday not too long after filming was completed. After their marriage, Kathleen Collins became internationally known as Bo Derek.


  • Bo Derek as Anastasia (credited as Kathleen Collins)
  • Peter Hooten as Damir
  • Anna Alexiadis as ayor
  • Phaedon Georgitsis as Photographer
  • Nikos Pashalidis as Priest
  • Kostas Baladimas as Godfather
  • Therese Bohlin as Model
  • Boucci Simis as Beautifuloni
  • Viennoula Koussathana as Saleslady


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