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"Fantastic Baby"
Single by Big Bang
from the album Alive
Released March 7, 2012
Length 3:51
Label YG Entertainment
  • G-Dragon
  • Teddy
Big Bang singles chronology
"Bad Boy"
"Fantastic Baby"
"Bad Boy"
"Fantastic Baby"
Music video
"Fantastic Baby" on YouTube

"Fantastic Baby" is a song recorded by South Korean group Big Bang for their fourth extended play Alive (2012) and released as third single of the record by YG Entertainment. A music video for the song was released on March 7, 2012. An electropop and EDM song with an anarchistic theme, "Fantastic Baby" is known for being "one of the biggest K-pop hits ever"[1] and its music video is the most-watched by a K-pop group in YouTube. The single went on to sell more than four million copies in South Korea and six million across Asia, becoming one of the best-selling digital singles of all-time.

Background and composition[edit]

"Fantastic Baby" was release as a single in March 2012. A teaser of the music video was released on the music show Inkigayo on March 4, 2012 and the full video was published on YouTube two days later.[2] The first performance of the song was made in their concert Big Show 2012 in Seoul. A Japanese-language version was released in March, on the Japanese version of Alive. The song was translated by the Korean-Japanese member of M-Flo, Verbal.[3] This version was also included in the 2014 greatest hits album The Best of Big Bang 2006-2014.

Written and produced by G-Dragon and Teddy Park, with additional rap parts penned by T.O.P, "Fantastic Baby" is an anarchistic dance,[4] EDM, hip hop and electropop track that was described as an "full-on banger" with a "boisterous, genre-blending sound."[5][6] NME compared the single to the music from the 1960s band Sly and the Family Stone.[7]

Chart performance[edit]

After four days from releasing the album, the song debuted at number four in the Gaon Digital Chart, charting behind Big Bang's songs "Blue," "Bad Boy" and "Love Dust", selling 450,021 copies.[8][9] In the next week, the song rose to number three, selling 362,298 copies.[10][11] The single was the best-selling song of March 2012, reaching 1,351,429 downloads and charting first in the Digital Chart for the month. The song was the fifth best selling single of the year, selling 3,339,871 copies in South Korea. As of September 2016, Fantastic Baby reached 4 million downloads in South Korea, the best-selling boy group song on Gaon Music Chart.

Fantastic Baby is the longest charting kpop group song on Billboard's World Digital Songs, spending over 100 weeks on chart.[1]

In September 2012, the song was certified gold by the RIAJ for PC downloads, one of only two K-Pop songs to achieve this in Japan in 2012.[12] In December 2013, the song was certified platinum.[13] Fantastic Baby charted for over 70 weeks on the Japan Hot 100.[14]

"Fantastic Baby" has sold over 2 million downloads on Chinese download service KuGou.[15]

As of January 2017, the song has sold over 6.5 million downloads in South Korea, China and Japan alone.

Music video[edit]

Production and synopsis[edit]

Big Bang
The music video shows the individuality of each member in a fashion style considered extravagant and urban.

Filmed in an abandoned warehouse,[16] the music video for "Fantastic Baby" was directed by Seo Hyun-seung.[17] Described as an "visual stunner,"[18] the video's theme is "the fight for the freedom."[19] The members are seen wearing powerful fashion statements, such as futuristic helmets, metal shoulder embellishments and jewelled crowns, wearing dark make-up and unique hairstyles.[17][19] The background dancers act as "rebels colliding with oppressors," wearing masks in stylish sets containing wreckage, spraying wires and waves of smoke, while dancing saja-nori (Korean lion dance).[18][19] Big Bang released a Japanese version of the music video focused on the group’s scenes while they are in a warehouse setting. Some individual scenes were removed and there are no extras in this version.[20]

In "Fantastic Baby," the story starts with a clear revolution aimed at stopping music symbolized by the simplified version of the Big Bang skull logo with a slash. The black masked persons refer to the ones who capitalized on the past controversies and tried to discourage, discredit and ultimately disband the group. The white masked persons refer to the fans who continued to defend and protect the Big Bang. In the video there is three frames of T.O.P. wearing a variety of outfits reminiscent of historical world revolutionaries such as George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte represent Big Bang as K-Pop's musical revolutionaries. The image of Daesung in chains is a clear representation of the emotional and psychological torture he experienced a year before during the aftermath of his car accident. The images of a frozen Taeyang, a scarred Seungri, and a seemingly silenced G-Dragon, portrays the publicity nightmare the boys faced in the past.[21] However, the video shows as they strained to change the world around. Things came to an end with a giant dance party and Big Bang being crowned kings upon thrones.[22]


Kevin Perry from the British music publication NME compared the music video's outfits to Lady Gaga's style.[7] When commenting about "Gangnam Style"'s success, The Daily Telegraph recommended "Fantastic Baby" to its readers, highlighting the video's "fashionista eccentricity and excess."[23] Francois Marchand from The Vancouver Sun felt that "Fantastic Baby is easily one of the most colourfully twisted pop videos we've seen in a while, combining RPG style art, riot gear, steampunk elements and street pop swagger."[24] Tamar Herman of Billboard praised the video's "stimulating visual feast" when "promoting music as a form of rebellion."[5] The Guardian named "Fantastic Baby" the best K-pop music video of 2012, claiming that the "supremely demented" video "establishes global equilibrium."[25] The music video for "Fantastic Baby" won the World Music Awards for "Video of the Year"[26] and the MTV Video Music Awards Japan for "Best Dance Video."[27]

As of March 2014, the official music video for "Fantastic Baby" on YouTube surpassed 100 million views,[28] making it the fourth Korean video to do so, after PSY's Gangnam Style and Gentleman, and Girls' Generation's Gee,[29] and the first by a boy band.[30] In 2016, the music video became the first from a K-Pop group to reach 200 million views and later the song became the first Korean group music video to surpass one million likes on YouTube.[31][32]

As of 22 June 2017, "Fantastic Baby" has accrued 300 million views on YouTube, making the first music video by K-pop group to reach the milestone.[33]


Big Bang performing "Fantastic Baby" during K-Collection fashion show.

"Fantastic Baby" was featured in the American TV show Glee[34] and included in the trailer for the movie Pitch Perfect 2, which was described as a "win for Korean music that has seemingly penetrated yet another traditional media source."[1] The members' look in the music video, especially G-Dragon's long red-streaked side hair, have been parodied several times, including by Running Man cast members and by Dynamic Duo.[35][36] The South Korean network Arirang TV considered the song as part of Big Bang's "mega hits".[37] Writing about the single's influence, Tamar Herman from Billboard recognized that “'Fantastic Baby' was the first song to cross international boundaries with it’s then-groundbreaking EDM style" and that it "took K-Pop to a whole new level." The author also praised the song for being "nothing short of fantastic".[6][5] Kaitlin Miller from the Sun-Times called the track one of Big Bang's best songs, hailing it a "quintessential K-Pop song" for being able to reach an international audience.[38] Rolling Stone stated that "this instantly accessible single from K-Pop phenomenon Big Bang blew off many doors of American crossover with little effort on the band's part" and labeled "Fantastic Baby" as a "modern-day essential" for showcasing "K-pop's genre-bending, visually-oriented charms."[39] Smith Sonian included the track as one of the highlights of Korean music in the Korean Wave.[40]

Publication List Rank
Rolling Stone 50 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time 22[39]
Stereogum 20 Best K-Pop Videos 2[41]
The Dong-a Ilbo Top Male Idol Songs in the Past 20 Years 6[42]
Watch Mojo Top 10 Iconic K-Pop Songs 1[43]
Billboard 10 Best BIGBANG Songs 1[44]

Credits and personnel[edit]

Adapted from Qobuz (Korean edition).[45]


Sales and certifications[edit]

Chart Sales
South Korean' Gaon 4,036,298[59]
China's Kugou 2,031,700[15]


Region Certification Certified units/Sales
Japan (RIAJ) 2× Platinum[60] 500,000*

*sales figures based on certification alone
^shipments figures based on certification alone

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award-Giving Body Category Result Ref
2012 Cyworld Digital Music Awards Song of the Month (March) Won [61]
Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards Song of the Month (March) Won [62]
MelOn Music Awards Song of the Year Nominated [63]
Global Star Award Nominated
Netizen Popularity Battle Award Nominated
2013 Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Won [64]
MTV Video Music Awards Japan Best Dance Video Won [27]
2014 World Music Awards World's Best Video of the Year Won [26]

Release history[edit]

Region Date Format Label
South Korea February 29, 2012 digital download YG Entertainment
Japan March 28, 2012 YG Entertainment, YGEX

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