Fantastic Films

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Fantastic Films
Fantastic Films issue 1
EditorIrving Karchmar
Art directorMike Stein
CategoriesScience Fiction, Fantasy
FrequencyVaried per year
Year founded1978
Final issue1985
CompanyBlake Publishing Corp.
CountryUnited States

Fantastic Films was a US film magazine specializing in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. The magazine was published by Blake Publishing Corp. and existed between 1978 and 1985.[1]


Fantastic Films was intended as an alternative to competitors such as Cinefantastique and Starlog. The magazine set itself apart by featuring extensive interviews with actors and behind-the-scenes personnel. The magazine never featured editorials or reviews but did have a rather lengthy Reaction section that allowed readers to send in their letters. In addition, the magazine featured a Fantastic Films Archive Series, a retrospective section that highlighted classic sci-fi films of the past ranging from popular titles like The Day the Earth Stood Still to more obscure fare like Just Imagine.


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