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Directed by Shogo Yabuuchi
Produced by Julie K. Fujishima
Kazuteru Harafuji
Written by Shogo Yabuuchi
Starring Tsuyoshi Domoto
Taichi Kokubun
Akira Takarada
Medaka Ikeno
Music by Fantastipo by Toraji Haiji
Cinematography Kenji Takama
Distributed by Geneon Entertainment
Release date
  • February 10, 2005 (2005-02-10)
Running time
109 minutes
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Fantastipo (ファンタスティポ) is a 2005 Japanese film starring Tsuyoshi Domoto (Kinki Kids) and Taichi Kokubun (TOKIO). The theme song "Fantastipo" is sung by the special unit of the 2 lead actors Toraji Haiji.


The film mainly revolves around two siblings; the mostly dependable Toraji (Taichi Kokubun of TOKIO), and the free-spirited Haiji (Tsuyoshi Domoto of Kinki Kids). The two suddenly become President and Executive Director of Armadillo, Inc. as a result of their father, Kintaro Koinobori (Akira Takarada), stepping down from his position and appointing his sons in his stead.

With the help of their father, the two brothers continue to keep Armadillo Inc. at the top of the heap. Slowly, but surely the relationship among all three begins to deteriorate in the process.

Through trials and tribulations, the siblings slowly begin to learn the true meaning of family.

Will the family hold together? Will they pull through? The answer may lie in a song the boys are composing.

That song’s name is Fantastipo


  • Fantastipo marks Tsuyoshi Domoto's return to the silver screen, last appearing in Kindaichi Shonen's Case File: Legend of Shanghai Mermaid in 1997. The film is a milestone for Taichi Kokubun, who makes his feature film debut.
  • The "Fantastipo" single and Toraji Haiji unit was a big hit in 2005. Especially famous for their uniquely cute dance choreography and catchy single which sold more than 400,000 copies.
  • Fantastipo is the fourth movie released under the banner of Johnny's Entertainment J STORM Company.


Actor Role
Tsuyoshi Domoto Haiji
Taichi Kokubun Toraji
Akira Takarada Kintarō Koinobori
Medaka Ikeno Frankie
Nanako Ôkôchi Matthewko
Kimika Yoshino Kahori
Hiroshi Fujioka


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