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The following is a list of lottery games in the United States and Canada in which five regular numbers are drawn from a larger set of numbers. The list includes the name, the number field for each, and the frequency of drawings. All pick-5 games in the U.S. and Canada are drawn multiple times per week (usually nightly, including Sundays and holidays); some lotteries now draw a five-number game twice daily.

Most U.S. pick-5 games now have a progressive jackpot, even in games that are drawn daily; in unusual cases, a single ticket has won a cash prize in excess of $1 million. A common top prize in non-jackpot pick-5 games is $100,000. (In the lists below, games with a jackpot do not have a minimum jackpot listed.) Depending on the game, a minimum of either two or three numbers (not counting a "bonus ball") must be matched for a winning ticket. (A 2/5 match usually results in a free play for that game, or a "break-even" win; for the latter, the player wins back their stake on that particular five-number wager.) Prize payouts depending on the game are either fixed (with parimutuel exceptions), are always parimutuel, or feature a parimutuel jackpot with fixed lower-tier prizes.

With very few exceptions, all U.S. and Canadian games where five regular numbers are drawn from the same pool have had a lump sum jackpot/grand prize, hence the word Cash is used as part of the name of several such games.

Except where noted, all current pick-5 games listed here cost $1 per play. Some pick-5 games have introduced an add-on wager, usually $1, either as an "instant match" feature, or, as in the additional 50-cent Connecticut Cash 5 wager Kicker, to give a player additional prize levels.

The lists do not include "4+1" games, such as Florida's Lucky Money and the multi-state Cash4Life, where all five numbers must be matched (to win the top prize), but are drawn from two number fields.

The numbers games DC-5, Georgia Five, Ohio Pick 5, and Pennsylvania's Pick 5 (the latter formerly "Quinto") also do not truly fit this category, as they are five-digit games with "straight" and "box" wagers; they are otherwise played like many US pick-3 and pick-4 games.

U.S. pick-5 games[edit]



  • Arizona Fantasy 5 (41 numbers, daily except Sundays)
    • 5 Card Cash (52 cards, daily except Sundays)
  • California Fantasy 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • Colorado Cash 5 (32 numbers, daily)
  • Connecticut Cash5 (35 numbers, night drawings)
  • Florida Fantasy 5 (36 numbers, daily)
  • Georgia Fantasy 5 (42 numbers, daily)[1]
  • Idaho Weekly Grand (32 numbers, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Illinois Lucky Day Lotto (45 numbers, daily)
  • Indiana (Hoosier Lottery) Cash 5 (41 numbers, daily)
    • Poker Lotto (52 cards; daily)
  • Kentucky 5 Card Cash (52 cards; daily)
  • Louisiana Easy 5 (37 numbers, daily)
  • Maryland Bonus Match 5 (39 numbers, daily)
    • 5 Card Cash (52 cards; daily)
  • Massachusetts Mass Cash (35 numbers, daily)
    • Jackpot Poker (52 cards, daily; 4-5 minutes apart most hours)
  • Michigan Fantasy 5 (39 numbers, daily)
    • Poker Lotto (52 cards; daily)
  • Minnesota Gopher 5 (47 numbers, Monday, Wednesday, & Friday)
    • Northstar Cash (31 numbers, daily)
  • Missouri Show Me Ca$h (39 numbers, daily)
  • Montana Montana Cash (45 numbers, 2 plays/$1, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Nebraska Pick 5 (38 numbers, daily except Sunday)
  • New Jersey Jersey Cash 5 (43 numbers, daily)
  • New Mexico Roadrunner Cash (37 numbers, daily except Sunday)
  • New York Take 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • North Carolina Carolina Cash 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • Ohio Rolling Cash 5 (39 numbers, daily)
  • Oklahoma Cash 5 (36 numbers, daily)
  • Pennsylvania Cash 5 (43 numbers, daily)
    • Treasure Hunt (30 numbers, daily)
  • Rhode Island Wild Money (35 numbers, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday)
  • South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5 (38 numbers, daily)
  • South Dakota Dakota Cash (35 numbers, Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Texas Cash Five (37 numbers; Monday-Saturday)
  • Virginia Cash 5 (34 numbers, twice daily)
  • Washington Hit 5 (39 numbers, Monday, Wednesday, & Saturday)
  • Wisconsin Badger 5 (31 numbers, daily)
    • 5 Card Cash (52 cards, daily)
  • Wyoming Cowboy Draw (45 numbers, Mondays & Thursdays, two plays for $5)[2]

Current Canadian pick-5 games[edit]


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