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Fantasy Bedtime Hour is public-access television cable TV program on San Francisco channel 29. It can be described by its tagline, "Two girls in bed ill equipped to handle fantasy novel concepts discuss Lord Foul's Bane" (the novel by Stephen R. Donaldson).

Each of the forty episodes in the series consists of Heatherly Stankey and Julie Breithaupt in bed together, reading and discussing the text. According to a San Francisco Chronicle reviewer, the women are supposedly, but not actually, nude beneath the covers.[1] There is a reading with paraphrase, a quick analysis, a reenactment or "fantasy action sequence", and then a discussion with an 'expert' - the experts being individuals who have actually finished and understood the book. Toward the end of the series, Stephen R. Donaldson himself appeared in some episodes as the "expert". A highlight of the show are the "charts" drawn during the program to illustrate some concept from the reading.

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