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The Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA) is an organization that represents journalists in the United States who cover fantasy sports.[1] It was founded in 2004.[1] According to its website, the organization's mission is to "be a voice for writers in the arena of fantasy sports. Moreover, the organization, through its executive staff and board of directors, will strive to promote and acknowledge the hard work and dedication shown by fantasy sports writers throughout the industry." Andy Behrens serves as the President of the FSWA.


The association was founded in 2004. Ryan Houston was the first president, succeeded by Kirk Bouyelas in 2006, Mike Beacom in 2008, and Andy Behrens in 2014.[citation needed]

Writing Awards[edit]

The Fantasy Sports Writers Association has been providing awards since 2004 to honor the industry's best writers.[1] The awards are typically presented each January at a meeting of the organization in Las Vegas. Many of the winners come from sites and publications dedicated to fantasy sports, while others come from general-purpose sports publications.

Past winners[edit]

Several members of the industry have been nominated for and won multiple awards. The leaders - by individual and media outlet - are listed below:

Hall of Fame[edit]

In 2010, the FSWA established a Hall of Fame to honor fantasy sports writers, publishers, and editors "who possess a distinguished body of work and/or those who have helped to advance the careers of others in the fantasy sports industry." [4]

The classes of writers inducted into the Hall of Fame are below.

Class of 2010
Greg Ambrosius
Matthew Berry
Scott Engel
Eric Karabell
Gregg Kellogg
Class of 2011
David Dodds
Brandon Funston
Emil Kadlec
Nate Ravitz
Peter Schoenke
Ron Shandler
Class of 2012
Ryan R. Bonini
Tristan H. Cockcroft
William Del Pilar
Michael Fabiano
Dan Grogan
Bob Harris
James Quintong
Class of 2013
Glenn Waggoner
John Hansen
Class of 2014
John Hunt
Matthew Pouilot
Jeff Erickson
Class of 2015
Joe Bryant
Jason Grey
Alex Patton
Class of 2016
Peter Kreutzer
Lenny Melnick
Ian Allan


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