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Fantasy Westward Journey (simplified Chinese: 梦幻西游; traditional Chinese: 夢幻西遊; pinyin: Mèng Huàn Xī Yóu) is a MMORPG developed and run by NetEase. It was released for the Microsoft Windows platform in December 2001.[1] The game is the most popular online game in China as of May 2007 by peak concurrent users (PCU), with a peak count of 1.5 million.[2] Registered users reached 25 million by April 2005,[3] with 576,000 peak concurrent players on 198 game servers, considered the fastest growing online game in China at the time.[3] Average concurrent users was reported in August 2006 to be around 400,000.[4] The game uses the same engine as Westward Journey II with a distinctively different graphical style. Both games are inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Together with Westward Journey II, it is one of the highest-grossing video games of all time, having grossed an estimated $6.5 billion in lifetime revenue, as of 2019 and having 400 million users as of 2015.[5]


In 2006 July, the administrators dissolved a 700-member anti-Japanese guild, and locked the account of its founder for having an anti-Japanese username.[6] A mass protest took place in the game days later on July 7, the anniversary of the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War, with up to 80,000 users joining the online protest on one of the servers.[7]

Total registered users of Fantasy Westward Journey reached 310 million as of 2015.[8]

Mobile version[edit]

A mobile version was released for the Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems in 2015. It grossed over $800 million in China alone by 2016.[9] In 2017, it grossed $1.5 billion worldwide,[10] bringing the mobile version's total revenue to approximately $2.3 billion by 2017.

Fantasy Westward Journey launched its first 3D animation in 2015. After release on the Chinese mainstream online video platform, it successively launched on several Chinese TV stations.[11]

Character introduction[edit]


The swordsman is willful and unruly. Life is indifferent to fame and fortune, addicted to martial arts into obsession.

Exploiting Weapon: Sword

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