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Cruise ship in New Orleans.jpg
A member of the class at New Orleans, Louisiana on 12 November 2007
Class overview
Builders: Kvaerner Masa-Yards Helsinki, Finland
Operators: Carnival Cruise Lines
Preceded by: Holiday class
Succeeded by: Destiny class
Planned: 8
Completed: 8
Active: 8
General characteristics
Type: Cruise ship
Tonnage: 70,367 GT-71,909 GT
Length: 855 ft (261 m)
Beam: 103 ft (31 m)
Decks: 13-14 (10-11 passenger decks)
Propulsion: 2 fixed pitch propellers on the first six ships. 2 ABB Azipod thrusters on the last two ships.
Capacity: 2,052-2,130 passengers
Crew: 920
Notes: Oldest ships active in the Carnival Cruise Line

The Fantasy class is a cruise ship class operated by Carnival Cruise Lines. The first vessel of the class, Carnival Fantasy, entered service in 1990. All eight vessels of the class were constructed by Kvaerner Masa Yards, in Helsinki, Finland at the Hietalahti shipyard. Carnival Elation and Carnival Paradise differ from the other ships of the class in that they have Azipod azimuth thrusters. They were also the last cruise ships built with the lifeboats only on the upper deck. This class utilizes a "modern ocean/cruise liner" design, with all of its cabins situated within the hull and only a handful of suites on the superstructure, similar to the Holiday-class cruise ships built in the late 1980s. The Fantasy class is the only class currently in service for Carnival initially built with only a few balcony cabins.


Ship Year
Sailed for
Gross tonnage Homeport Flag Notes Image
Carnival Fantasy 1990 1990–Present 70,367 GT Mobile, AL  Panama originally, the Fantasy 'Carnival Fantasy' Docked at Charleston (SC) July 2012.jpg
Carnival Ecstasy 1991 1991–Present 70,367 GT Charleston, SC  Panama originally, the Ecstasy Carnival Ecstasy docked in Port Canaveral, Florida.jpg
Carnival Sensation 1993 1993–Present 70,367 GT Miami, FL  Bahamas originally, the Sensation Carnival Sensation Nassau 12-23-11.jpg
Carnival Fascination 1994 1994–Present 70,367 GT San Juan, Puerto Rico  Bahamas originally, the Fascination Carnival Fascination Jacksonville 2017.jpg
Carnival Imagination 1995 1995–Present 70,367 GT Long Beach, CA  Bahamas originally, the Imagination Post0103 - Flickr - NOAA Photo Library (cropped) (2).jpg
Carnival Inspiration 1996 1996–Present 70,367 GT Long Beach, CA  Bahamas originally, the Inspiration Carnival Inspiration 01.jpg
Carnival Elation 1998 1998–Present 71,909 GT Jacksonville, FL  Panama originally, the Elation.[1][2] Largest ship of the Fantasy Class. Carnival Elation In Jacksonville.jpg
Carnival Paradise 1998 1998–Present 70,367 GT Tampa, FL  Panama originally, the Paradise.[1][2] Carnival Paradise docked in Havana, Cuba.jpg

"Evolutions Of Fun" refit[edit]

In late 2006, Carnival Cruise Lines announced a massive refurbishment to its Fantasy-class fleet called "Evolutions Of Fun", which was completed in 2010. The upgrades cost $250 million.[3]

Features of the "Evolutions Of Fun"[edit]

Ship names[edit]

All eight Fantasy-class ships had "Carnival" added to their original names: Fantasy became Carnival Fantasy, the Ecstasy became Carnival Ecstasy, and so on. The inclusion of "Carnival" in ship names began with Carnival Destiny, launched in 1995.

Pools and outer decks[edit]

Water slide on Carnival Fantasy

A miniature golf course was added to the forward sun deck. The aft pool deck and the original water slide was replaced by a waterpark with three slides. The main pool was completely refurbished with new materials and new spiral staircases to the top deck. The adults-only area around the funnel was relocated to the aft portion of the Promenade deck.

Public areas[edit]

Atrium and circular bar on Carnival Fantasy

The restaurant and the majority of the public areas were redecorated and electronics were updated. Except for Carnival Elation and Carnival Paradise, the sculptures in the atriums were removed and replaced with a circular bar and a small stage for musicians. An atrium bar was already installed in Carnival Elation and Carnival Paradise when they were constructed.


All staterooms received new decor and new beds. A flat screen TV was added to all staterooms, and Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Fascination, and Carnival Elation received 98 new balcony cabins. Eight suite balconies on the upper deck were expanded.


  • Owner's Suite 1,100 square feet (100 m2) - Not publicly offered. Only available through special reservations. Available on the Carnival Fantasy,Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Imagination, and Carnival Inspiration.
  • Grand Vista Suite - Available on the Carnival Elation and the Carnival Paradise.
  • Grand Suite With Extended Private Balcony 330 square feet (31 m2) - Available on the Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Elation, and Carnival Paradise.
  • Suite With Large Private Verandah 330 square feet (31 m2)
  • Junior Suite With Private Verandah 220 sq ft (20 m2)
  • Obstructed Junior Suite with Private Verandah 220 sq ft (20 m2)
  • Balcony Cabin 186 sq ft (17.3 m2) Available on the Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Sensation, Carnival Fascination, Carnival Elation, and Carnival Paradise.
  • Scenic Oceanview Cabin - Available on the Carnival Elation and Carnival Paradise.
  • Oceanview Cabin 186 sq ft (17.3 m2)
  • Obstructed View Cabin (some with small porthole)186 sq ft (17.3 m2)
  • Inside Cabin 186 sq ft (17.3 m2)


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