Faqeerabad, Peshawar

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Faqeerabad (commonly known as Faqirabad) is a neighbourhood of New Peshawar, Pakistan. It used to be a posh neighbourhood, but following an influx of Afghan refuges and Internally Displaced People (IDP), the area lost its charm and now resembles old Peshawar.[citation needed]

The area adjoining Faqeerabad are Zaryab Colony, Afghan colony, Ashrafia Colony, Shakirabad, Zaheerabad and Shahi Bagh. Shahi Bagh houses Arbab Niaz cricket Stadium, Tamas Khan Football Ground, Municipal Intercollege for Girls, Government college Peshawar, a small zoo and play area for kids and government offices.

People & Culture[edit]

Majority of the people living in Faqeerabad (Faqirabad) are Pakistanis but a sizeable population of Afghanis also live here. Most are Muslims with small minority are Christians, Sikhs and Hindus. Major languages are Pashto, Hindko and Farsi.

Educational facilities[edit]

The area hosts dozens of commerce colleges.[citation needed] This surge in colleges increased demand for student accommodations. A Post Graduate college Government college, Peshawar is situated in the neighbourhood. The area also houses Municipal Intercollege for Girls. Private commerce colleges and schools are situated there.

Sporting Attractions[edit]

The notable attraction of this place is a cricket stadium Arbab Niaz Stadium, which hosted international matches including World Cup events in 1987 and 1996. A small cricket ground Peshawar Gymkhana Ground is also located here. A small football ground is located next to the cricket stadium called Tamas Khan Football Ground.

Cricket is the most popular sport. Night cricket is commonplace during month of Ramadan. Test Cricketer Arshad Khan and Yasir Hameed belongs to Faqeerabad. Football is also popular especially among Afghan Refugees. Other popular sports include Snooker, English billiards commonly known as Billard, Hockey and Table tennis.

Coordinates: 34°1′10.7″N 71°35′.68″E / 34.019639°N 71.5835222°E / 34.019639; 71.5835222