Shaikh Abdul Rahim Garhori

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Abdul Raheem Garhori
Qadeer Mangrio at Grohar Sharif 3.jpg
Tomb of Faqir
Born 1739 AD (1152 A.H.)
Ranipur, Khayrpur, India
Died 1778 AD (1192A.H.)
Groharr, District Mirpur Khas, Sindh, Pakistan

Makhdoom Abdul Raheem Garhori (Sindhi: مخدوم عبد الرحيم گرهوڙي‎) was a Sufi Saint and Poet of the Sindh. Makhdoom Abdul Raheem Garhori belonged to the Mangrio-family and his father's name was Sadullah Mangrio.


In 1739 CE (1152 A.H.), Garhori was born in Ranipur, Khayrpur, Sindh. Makhdoom Abdul Raheem Garhori was the disciple of Sultan-ul-Aoliya Khawaja Muhammad Zaman. He fought against a Hindu magician Mahadev in Thar desert. Mahadev and other priests of his temple claimed to be gods and started converting Muslims to Hinduism. Therefore, Garhori had desire to launch Jihad against Mahadev. He, at first, offered peace to Mahadev on condition that he would abandon magic and temple and convert to Islam, which Mahadev declined. Then Garhori attacked the temple with his followers and temple was destroyed and Mahadev was killed. In this fight Garhori himself was severely injured and died over there.[1] This battle took place in 1192 A.H., when he was 40 years old. Father of Abdul Raheem Garhori had already died before this incident but his mother was alive.

Garhori married five times, and had four daughters and one son; who died when he was five years old. In Garhor, there is a shrine devoted to Abdul Raheem Garhori .

Dr. N. A Baloch researched that the Garhori was born in village "Warr", Taluka Khipro, district Sanghar.

He was also a poet and said many poems. His poetry is in several languages like Arabic, Persian and Sindhi.[citation needed] His poetry was published by Dr Umar Bin Muhammad Daudpoto under the title Abdul Raheem Grohiri Jo Kalam.[citation needed]


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