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Not to be confused with the Faroe Islands or the Danish ship Færøe.
Farø Bridges in June 2010.

Farø is an island in Denmark, located between the islands Sjælland and Falster. It has an area of 0.93 km² and has a population of four people (2006). Administratively it is part of Vordingborg Municipality. The island had five inhabitants in 2016.[1]

The Farø Bridges (Farøbroerne) connect Sjælland with Falster via Farø, on the European Routes E47 and E55 combined. Junction 42 of E55 is located on the western side of Farø. The island is connected by causeway with the islands of Bogø and Møn by route 287 Grønsundvej.


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Coordinates: 54°57′1″N 11°59′29″E / 54.95028°N 11.99139°E / 54.95028; 11.99139