Far Eastern University – Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts

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Established 1970[1]
Dean Arch. Lorelie DC De Viana
Location Manila, Metro Manila,
Flag of the Philippines.svg Philippines
Campus Far Eastern University - Manila
Website www.feu.edu.ph

Far Eastern University – Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts is one of the university's department that offers academic programs for the college students.


The University first offered Architecture in 1954 under the Institute of Technology, with architect Elias Ruiz heading the Dean Department of Architecture of the Institute. In 1968, the University launched a course in Fine Arts, major in Advertising. After two years, however, the University's board of trustees created the Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts (IARFA) with then Executive Vice President Nicanor M. Reyes Jr. concurrently serving as acting dean and Prof. Galo B. Ocampo as acting secretary and concurrent head of the Department of Fine Arts. Architect Benjamin N. Mascarenas headed the Department of Architecture.

Jesus M. Bondoc was named IARFA dean in 1971 when Executive Vice President Reyes was appointed acting president of the University. It was during Dean Bondoc's term that new courses in Interior Design were introduced. Among those curricular offerings were the two-year certificate course in Interior Design and a four-year course in Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. In 1973, architectural board review was offered to the University's graduates.

Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts.

Ruperto C. Gaite took over Prof. Bondoc as dean in 1981. Dean Gaite effected significant revisions and improvements in response to the resurgence of cultural activities in contemporary Philippine society. He was responsible for introducing to the University the five-year B.S. Architecture curriculum. Dean Gaite molded and reshaped IARFA for six years.

Architect Marylou C. Ventura, a planner and environmentalist, was appointed dean in 1988. She upgraded the quality of art and architecture education in the University during her 10-year tenure. Architect Victoriano O. Aviguetero succeeded Dean Ventura, although moved on to other concerns after only two years and was thus succeeded by architect Miguel Carpio who remains the Institute's dynamic dean wherein now he is the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs in the whole university.

Aside from Architecture, Fine Arts major in Advertising, the University now also offers Fine Arts major in Painting.

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