Far Rockaway Skate Park

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Far Rockaway Skate Park
Farrockaway Skate Park
Andre Beverly - Far Rockaway Skatepark - September - 2019.jpg
TypeSkate park
LocationFar Rockaway, Queens
Coordinates40°35′43″N 73°44′48″W / 40.595319°N 73.746594°W / 40.595319; -73.746594Coordinates: 40°35′43″N 73°44′48″W / 40.595319°N 73.746594°W / 40.595319; -73.746594
Area15,700 Sq Ft
DesignerSITE Design Group
Owned byNew York City Department of Parks and Recreation
OpenAll year

Far Rockaway Skate Park is a public skate park in Rockaway Beach, Queens opened in 2011.[1][2][3][4] The park is open dawn till dusk and is unsupervised.[5] In addition to skateboarding, scooters and inline skates are permitted.[5] The park was built over a large parking lot that was reduced in size but not eliminated.[6] The skatepark project was part of a larger renovation of O'Donohue Park that began in 2010 and was completed in 2011.[6] The park was designed by SITE Design Group and built by California Skateparks.[2]

Gallery of Photos from Far Rockaway Skate Park[edit]


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