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Far West is a graphic novel created by Richard Moore and set in a world similar to Tolkien's Middle Earth undergoing an industrial revolution.[1] In this world, traditional high fantasy magic is used in conjunction with modern six shooters, lever action rifles, and steam power. Common species include elves, fairies, pixies, dwarves, goblins, trolls, ogres, and centaurs.[2]


The Far West comic series follows the adventures of Meg, an elf gunslinger and her partner Phil, a talking grizzly bear.[3] As bounty hunters, they are hired to capture an outlaw who uses a fire-breathing dragon to rob trains and later come into conflict with a gang of ogres led by the notorious Moonshine Kid.[4] In their latest (currently unpublished) adventure, they pursue a fugitive into the haunted Badlands and have to fight against an evil spirit called Kodiki who can transform himself into the physical manifestations of their worst fears.[5]


Main characters[edit]


  • Darian Voss - Elf train-robber who lives in Troll country and is recognisable for his muttonchop sideburns and handlebar moustache.
  • Moonshine Kid - A bandit trapped in a child's body after drinking the elixir of life.
  • Hole-in-the Head Gang - The Kid's dim-witted ogre henchmen
  • High-Top - A snake oil salesman who tries to kill Meg after losing a game of poker. Meg kills him by poisoning his beer with a flesh-eating water demon.
  • Bellboy - A lecherous dwarf bribed by High-Top to put a water demon in Meg's bath.
  • Phooka - A goat faced goblin capable of changing his shape.[6]
  • Sheetfire - A goblin who sold the dragon to Darian Voss.


  • Cyrus Shaldak - Detective who leads the Blackhawk Posse
  • Blackhawk Posse - A rival gang of bounty hunters who take the credit by bringing in Voss's body.
  • Blind Man - Insane hermit who tries to warn Meg about the dragons
  • Trolls - The equivalent of cowboys who wrangle fire-breathing dragons.

Issues and publications[edit]

Far West Volume 1[edit]

  • Vol. 1: Dragon Train parts 1-4[7]
  • Vol. 2: Hole in the Head Gang parts 1 and 2
  • Bonus Story - Pookah Party[8]

Far West: Bad Mojo[edit]

  • Includes the stories "Bad Mojo" and "Badder Mojo," the first book of the series to be drawn in color.[9]


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