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NOP demonstration led by Catholic-sedevacantist priest Rafał Trytek

Like in other nations across the world, there are several far-right organizations in Poland. Public support of these parties is marginal, as they received 2.8% of the popular vote in the 2007 parliamentary elections. There is also a limited amount of nonparliamentary far-right extremism. Poland's neo-Nazi skinhead scene was estimated at some 2,000 active members in 1995. The political organization associated with that movement is the National Revival of Poland, with an estimated 500 members, raising some 0.6% of the popular vote.

The neo-fascist Polish Nationalist Union was one of the larger groups active in the early 1990s, numbering some 4,000 members and making international headlines for its rare attacks on Jewish property and on the Catholic Church. The current major neo-fascist movement is the NOP under the leadership of Adam Gmurczyk. The organization "Niklot" was founded by Tomasz Szczepanski, a former NOP member, in 1998, promoting Slavic supremacy. Since the mid-1990s, the ultra-Catholic Radio Maryja station has been on air with an anti-modernist, nationalist and xenophobic program.[1]

In 1995, the Anti-Defamation League estimated the number of far-right skinheads in Poland at 2,000, the fifth highest number after Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and the United States.[2]

History of some groups in Poland according to Minkenberg[edit]

Liang (2007:265) groups the organizations mentioned by agenda, as follows:

Agenda Party or campaign organization Social movement organization Subcultural association
Fascist/Autocratic Right NOP, Niklot neo-Nazis, black metal skinheads
Ethnocentrist/Christian Right LPR PWN-PSN none

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