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Farāmarz Pāyvar
Faramarz Payvar.jpg
Born Farāmarz Pāyvar
(1933-02-10)February 10, 1933
Tehran, Iran
Died December 9, 2009(2009-12-09) (aged 76)
Tehran, Iran
Occupation Composer, player of Santour

Master Farāmarz Pāyvar (10 February 1933, Tehran – 9 December 2009, Tehran) (Persian: فرامرز پایور‎) was an Iranian composer and santur player. Payvar died on December 9, 2009 after a long struggle with brain damage.[1]


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  • Concertino for santūr and Orchestra (Pāyvar-Dehlavi) (1958)
  • The Radif of Sabā for Santur in three volumes by F. Pāyvar and Dāryūš Safvat (FerdowsiPublication,Tehran) (1958)
  • Dialogue (Goftegū), duet for Santur and violin (1959)
  • Preliminary book in Santur playing (Māhūr Publication, Tehran) (1960)
  • Thirty Chāhārmezrāb for the Santur(Department of Art and Culture Publication, Tehran) (1971)
  • The second book of the Radif of Sabā for Santur by F. Pāyvar and Dāryūš Safvat (Ferdowsi Publication,Tehran) (1974)
  • Eight musical pieces for the Santur (Department of Art and Culture Publication, Tehran) (1979)
  • Parniān, duet for Santur and Tār (1980)
  • Radif Chapkūk for Santur (in women's voice registration) for the santur (1981)
  • A collection of pishdarāmad and Rengs (1981)
  • A collection of pishdarāmad and Rengs (arranged for the violin) (1982)
  • Chamber music for Santūr (1982)
  • Fānūs, duet for two Santurs (1982)
  • Theory of Western and Iranian music (1983)
  • Reng-e šahrāšūb (1984)
  • Elementary Radif for Santur (1988)
  • Rahgozar, duet for santur and flute (Otāqe Čāp Publication, Tehran) (1989)
  • The Vocal Radif and old Tasnifs, according to the version of Abdollah Davami, Collected by F. Pāyvar.(Māhūr Publication, Tehran) (1998)
  • Santur Courses, Radif of Maestro Abolhassan Saba, compiled and edited by Faramarz Payvar, rewritten by Pejman Azarmina (1999, ISBN 964-6409-39-3)
  • Fālgūš, seven pieces for Santur (Māhūr Publication, Tehran) (2000)

Partial discography[edit]

  • Improvisation in dašti and afšāri, F. Pāyvar, santur and H. Tehrāni, Tombak.
  • Album Yādegāri (the memorial album) in dastgāhs šūr and segāh, F. Pāyvar, santur and M. Esmāili, Tombak.
  • Goftegū (dialogue), duets for santūr and other instruments composed by F. Pāyvar
  • In memorial of Habib Samai, F. Pāyvar, Santūr solo in dastgāhs šūr and čhāhārgāh.
  • Dašti concert. Pāyvar ensemble and Shajariān (vocal)
  • Del-e Sheyda, Pāyvar Ensemble (Masters of Classical Persian Music) and Shahram Nazeri (vocals).
  • Layli & Majnoun, Pāyvar Ensemble (Masters of Classical Persian Music) and Shahram Nazeri (vocals).
  • Bayāt-e Kord: F. Pāyvar, santūr and H. Tehrani, Tombak in dastgāh Bayāt-e Kord and solo Tombak in various rhythm improvised by Tehrani.
  • Šahrāšūb, F. Pāyvar, santūr solo in šūr, abū atā and dašti. Mahur
  • Iranian folk music, arranged by F. Pāyvar. Pāyvar Ensemble and Simā Binā (vocal).
  • Hekāyate Del, in dastgāh šūr. Pāyvar Ensemble with A. Rostamiān (vocal).
  • Mahūr and Segāh, Masters Ensemble conducted by F. Pāyvar and Shahidi (vocal).
  • Rahāvard, played by Masters, J. Shahnāz, tār, M. Esmāili, Tombak, and F. Pāyvar, Santur.
  • Kerešme, in dastgāhs segāh and afšāri, played by Pāyvar Ensemble.


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