Farasan Island

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Country  Saudi Arabia
Province Jizan Province
 • Total 686 km2 (265 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 20,000

Farasan Island (Arabic: جزيرة فرسان‎‎; transliterated: Jazyrat Farasan) is the largest island of the Farasan Islands, in the Red Sea. It is located some 50 km offshore from Jizan, the far southwestern part of Saudi Arabia. It is located at around 16°42′21″N 41°59′0″E / 16.70583°N 41.98333°E / 16.70583; 41.98333Coordinates: 16°42′21″N 41°59′0″E / 16.70583°N 41.98333°E / 16.70583; 41.98333. The main town on the island is Farasan. The "Farasan island marine sanctuary" has been created around the island to protect biodiversity.

Farasan General Hospital[edit]

Farasan General Hospital was built in September 1986 by the Saudi government. Chaired under Dr.Ahmed (MBBS,Neurosurgeon), it has 35 doctors for various specialization. Advanced facilities (i.e. x-rays, ultra-sounds) are available here.

Jizan to Farasan[edit]

The distance between Jizan and Farasan is 50 kilometres (31 mi). Both ferries and flukas (local small boats) are used on this route.

Ferry passage is free. The ferry carries 35-40 cars and 60 or more people. New ferries were put into service in 2006, cutting travel time between Jizan and Farasan from 3 hours to 90 minutes. There are two ferry trips each way daily (Farasan to Jizan at 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM, Jizan to Farasan also at 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM). (As of 2012.)

The flukas carry up to 12 passengers. The flukas take an hour to make the crossing and operate by hire rather than on a fixed schedule, with at a cost of SR50 per passenger with a minimum charge of SR300. (As of 2012.)

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