Farasan Islands

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Farasan Islands is located in Saudi Arabia
Farasan Islands
Approximate location of Farasan Islands
Farasan Islands viewed from the International Space Station

The Farasan Islands (Arabic: جزر فرسان‎‎; transliterated: Juzur Farasān) are a large coral-island group in the Red Sea, belonging to Saudi Arabia. The islands are located some 40 km offshore from Jizan, in the far southwestern part of the country, at 16°48′N 41°54′E / 16.800°N 41.900°E / 16.800; 41.900Coordinates: 16°48′N 41°54′E / 16.800°N 41.900°E / 16.800; 41.900. The "Farasan island marine sanctuary" is a protected area and were home to the extinct Arabian gazelle and, in winter, migratory birds from Europe. The largest island of the archipelago is Farasan Island; others include Sajid Island and Zufaf Island.


In 1919, the French discovered petroleum on the islands. For 75 years the Red Sea Oilfields Company maintained a refinery on the islands.[1] As of 1920, the Farasan Islands supported a small fishing industry.[2]

Tourism and fishing also play a role in the economy. Farasan Island is connected to Jezan port by ferry.

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