Fares Karam

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Fares Karam
فارس كرم born June /25/ 1974)
FaresKaram- 2013.jpg
Background information
Origin Jezzine, Lebanon
Genres Lebanese, World, Oriental Arabic Levantine
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1996-Present
Website fareskaram.tv

Fares Karam (Arabic: فارس كرم: born June /25/ 1974) is a popular Lebanese singer who specializes in the Dabke style and Lebanese music in general, but with a more modernized twist. He has produced many hit singles, and is notable in Lebanon and the Middle East. His hit records include Retani (I wish), El-Tannoura (The Skirt), Shefta (I Saw Her) and Neswanji (player). Throughout his career, he has participated in a large number of concerts, public celebrations and festivals all over Lebanon. Karam has also toured the Arab World, UK, South America, USA, Europe, Australia and Canada.[1][2]


Fares Karam was born in Jezzine, in Southern Lebanon to a modest working-class Christian family.[3] His father was a farmer and his mother worked as a teacher in the local school for their village.[4] He has one sister, Madonna, with whom he maintains a very close relationship. Karam grew up in the mountainous areas of Lebanon, and later attributed his song "Jabali" to this experience.[5] His girlfriend is Rita Karkafi - the sister of Rima Karkafi, wife of a Lebanese member of parliament Sleiman Frangieh.[6]

Fares Karam rose to the limelight in the 1990s when he participated in the 1996 [1] series of the Lebanese talent show Studio El Fan and received the gold medal. He cooperated with Rotana Records. His musical style is linked more closely to Dabke. His live band plays many of his songs with a large tabl (drum). This has helped make his music very popular in Lebanese nightclubs where patrons like to dance the Dabke.[7]


  • Shlon (1998)
  • Janen (2002)
  • Aktar Min Rohi (2003)
  • Dakhelo shaklek jananeh (2004)
  • Wedni (2005)
  • Yo'Borni (2007)
  • Elhamdullah (2010)
  • Fares Karam 2013 (2013)


Karam has won many prestigious awards in his artistic career:[8]
  • Sydney Cedars Club (1999)
  • Art Lebanon (2002)
  • Al- nojoum production Australia (2003)
  • Hollywood, California (2004)
  • Lions International (2005)
  • The Arms of Alberta (2005)
  • Fifteenth Faces Concert (2005)
  • Festival of Cartage (2006)


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