Farewell, My Love

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Farewell, My Love
Farewell, My Love.png
Directed by Randall Fontana
Written by Randall Fontana
Starring Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Phillip Rhys
Robert Culp
Release date
  • 2001 (2001)
Country United States

Farewell, My Love is a 2001 action film by Randall Fontana starring Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Phillip Rhys, and Robert Culp. [1]

Movie Info[edit]

Fitzpatrick plays a kind avenging angel who takes revenge on a mob that killed her family. Robert Culp, Brion James, Phillip Rhys, and Mark Sheppard co-star in this action drama that contains a measure of violence and sex that would appeal to a certain audience. [2]



  • Direct to Video [3]


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