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Farewell album art.jpg
Live album by
ReleasedApril 16, 1996
RecordedOctober 31 – November 1, 1995
VenueUniversal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, U.S.
ProducerDanny Elfman and Steve Bartek
Oingo Boingo chronology

Farewell: Live from the Universal Amphitheatre, Halloween 1995 is a double live album and home video release by American new wave band Oingo Boingo, documenting their final concerts ending on Halloween night of 1995. The band played a series of five nights,[1] ending on Halloween night by playing more than 44 songs during a 4-hour set that went past midnight.[2] As with all their live shows, the setlist included songs from across the band's large discography, many of which were given new arrangements.

Several of the tracks on the CD release were culled from recordings from previous nights in the same tour, meaning the performances occasionally differ between formats. "Just Another Day" and "Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)" were included as bonus tracks on the double cassette release.

Farewell is also notable for its inclusion of live performances of several previously unreleased songs, namely "Burn Me Up," "Water," "Piggies" and "Clowns of Death."

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

All tracks written and composed by Danny Elfman, except for "I Am the Walrus," by John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

No.TitleOriginal releaseLength
1."Insanity"Boingo (1994)7:42
2."Little Girls"Only a Lad (1981)3:55
3."Cinderella Undercover"Boingo Alive (1988); debuted live in 19814:45
4."Controller"Only a Lad (1981)2:50
5."Burn Me Up"Previously unreleased; debuted live in 19942:53
6."Insects"Nothing to Fear (1982)3:04
7."No One Lives Forever"Dead Man's Party (1985)4:12
8."Hey!"Boingo (1994)7:45
9."Reptiles and Samurai"Nothing to Fear (1982)5:41
10."Water"Previously unreleased; debuted live in 19934:04
11."I Am the Walrus/Tender Lumplings"Boingo (1994)4:03
12."Piggies"Previously unreleased; debuted live in 19946:47
13."We Close Our Eyes"BOI-NGO (1987)4:12
14."Mary"Boingo (1994)6:09
15."Can't See (Useless)"Boingo (1994)4:23
  • Cassette version includes "Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)" as track 12.

Disc two[edit]

All tracks written and composed by Danny Elfman.

No.TitleOriginal releaseLength
1."Helpless"Boingo cassette release (1994)/"Insanity" CD single B-side (1994)3:55
2."I'm So Bad"Oingo Boingo EP (1980)3:38
3."Change"Boingo (1994)8:49
4."Stay"Dead Man's Party (1985)3:40
5."Who Do You Want to Be"Good for Your Soul (1983)2:59
6."On the Outside"Only a Lad (1981)3:36
7."Wild Sex (In the Working Class)"Nothing to Fear (1982)4:38
8."Dead Man's Party"Dead Man's Party (1985)6:07
9."Nasty Habits"Only a Lad (1981)5:32
10."Clowns of Death"Previously unreleased; debuted live in 19946:50
11."Ain't This the Life"Oingo Boingo EP (1980)3:14
12."Whole Day Off"Nothing to Fear (1982)4:28
13."Grey Matter"Nothing to Fear (1982)6:19
14."No Spill Blood"Good for Your Soul (1983)5:22
15."Only a Lad"Oingo Boingo EP (1980)/Only a Lad (1981)4:20
  • Cassette version includes "Just Another Day" as track 5.


A home video of Farewell was released on VHS, concurrently with the double album, in 1996. The video release featured additional performances that were not included on the CD release: a "Tender Lumplings" video introduction introduces the show; "Nothing to Fear (But Fear Itself)" is played between "I Am the Walrus" and "Piggies"; and "Just Another Day" is played between "Change" and "Stay." Conversely, the performance of "Whole Day Off" from the CD release does not appear on the video release. Additionally, the video release has "Ain't This the Life" positioned between "On the Outside" and "Wild Sex (In the Working Class)," which also differs from the CD version. A half-hour retrospective documentary was also included in the tape set, as well as the promotional music videos for "Little Girls" and "Insanity."

The 1999 compilation album Anthology contained the "Tender Lumplings" intro from the video release, as well as extra concert dialogue on "Insects," "We Close Our Eyes" and "Whole Day Off" that was omitted from the double album.

The concert video was re-released on DVD on September 18, 2001, as a two-disc set. All the bonus features from the VHS release were included on the second disc, although the two music videos were hidden Easter eggs on the DVD. Both discs also included animated menus and a hidden discography slideshow. Both the VHS and DVD releases are now out of print.


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