Farewell and Remember Me

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Farewell and Remember Me
Studio album by The Boys of the Lough
Released 1987
Recorded Rel Studios, Edinburgh
Genre Folk
Length 38:55
Producer Peter Harris and Boys of the Lough
The Boys of the Lough chronology
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Farewell and Remember Me
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Farewell and Remember Me is an album by The Boys of the Lough, released in 1987.

There are 4 songs and 6 instrumental tracks on the album which is unusual in giving so much prominence to the uilleann bagpipes. It is sometimes considered[by whom?] to be the best album by The Boys of the Lough. The tunes are mainly sourced from Irish and Scottish traditions, some of them never previously recorded.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Sean But/ Tommy People's/ The Lark in the Morning" (jigs) (All traditional)
  2. "The Leitrim Queen" (song) (Ian Burns)
  3. "Lucky Can Du Link Ony/ Pottinger's/ Billy Nicholson" (reels) (Trad/ Tom Anderson/ Trad)
  4. "Farewell and Remember Me" (song) (J Chalmers)
  5. "Angus Polka no 1/ Angus Polka No 2/ Donegal Barn Dance" (All trad)
  6. "An Spailpin Fanach (sung in Gaelic)/ The One-Horned Buck" (reel) (Trad/ Trad)
  7. "Valentia Harbour (air)/ The Jug of Punch (reel)/ MacArthur Road" (reel) (All trad)
  8. "Lovely Ann" (unaccompanied song) (Trad)
  9. "The Holly Bush/ The New Ships Are Sailing" (reels) (All trad)
  10. "The Waterford Waltz/ The Stronsay Waltz" (Trad/ Trad)

The listing above is as printed on the album package. Compare: a more complete and correct track listing at irishtune.info.


  • Aly Bain - fiddle
  • Cathal McConnell - flute, whistle, vocals
  • Dave Richardson - concertina, mandolin, cittern
  • Christy O'Leary - uilleann pipes, whistle, vocals
  • John Coakley - guitar, piano, bodhran, mandoline, fiddle
  • Guest: Ron Shaw - cello on "Farewell and Remember Me"
  • Engineered by Alistair George