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Farfield House, Holt

Farfield is one of the seven boarding houses at Gresham's, an English public school at Holt, Norfolk. It was opened in 1911, as part of a surge of renewal and expansion at Gresham's led by George Howson, and the first housemaster (Major JC Miller) and boys were transferred there from a smaller house called Bengal Lodge. Farfield is currently home to approximately fifty boys. Many former residents have achieved success or notoriety in a number of different fields.


An Entertainment is held every March featuring music, sketches and dramatic excerpts.
The ritual of House Prayers is maintained in Farfield on three evenings per week. This is a short evening service, organised by the prefects (senior pupils), which consists of a hymn, a reading and a prayer, and concludes with the familiar mantra "Goodnight Boys".

The symbol of Farfield is an owl.

The symbol of Farfield is an owl


Major J. C. Miller1 1904–1920
E. A. Robertson 1920-1928[1]
G. R. Thompson 1929–1936
A. B. Douglas2 1936–1957
B. W. Sankey 1957–1965
W. O. Thomas 1965–1980
R. W. Coleman 1980–1988
G. B. Worrall 1988–1998
A. A. Edwards 1998–2003
J. R. P. Thomson 2003-2013
D.J. Atkinson 2013-

1 In Bengal Lodge until 1911
2 The school was evacuated to Newquay during the years 1940-1945

Residential House Tutors[edit]

David Beaney 1984–1998
Spencer Coates 1998–2000
John Seaman 2000–2002
Adam Stanworth 2002–2008
Andrew 'Freddie' Grounds 2008-2011
David Saker 2011-

Notable old boys[edit]

Names are in chronological order. The years at Farfield (or its predecessor Bengal Lodge) are given in round brackets.

Roll of honour[edit]

The Following Old Boys of Bengal Lodge and Farfield gave their lives during the Great War of 1914-1918:

Armitage SW, Aveling LN, Barratt GR, Beeton RH, Biden LTGV, Brownsword DA, Cole AH, Crosse ECM, Crosse MEB, Cunnell DC, Davies LFStJ, Ellis JC, Frost GK, Johnson GB, Kirch C, Robinson HHK, Rumsby RW, Shepherd CA, Simpson JH, Thorn H, Wilson Ian Maclean & Wright JMS

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