Farglory Ocean Park

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Coordinates: 23°54′04″N 121°36′05″E / 23.90111°N 121.60139°E / 23.90111; 121.60139

Farglory Ocean Park
Jumping dolphin at Farglory Ocean Park 20080710.jpg
General information
Type Water theme park
Location Shoufeng, Hualien, Taiwan
Technical details
Floor area 51 hectare[1]

The Farglory Ocean Park (Chinese: 遠雄海洋公園; pinyin: Yuǎnxióng Hǎiyáng Gōngyuán) or Hualien Ocean Park is a water theme park in Shoufeng Township, Hualien, Taiwan.[2][3]


  • Dolphin Show
  • Fly across the Ocean
  • Pirate of El Dorado[4]


The park is accessible southeast from Ji'an Station of the Taiwan Railway Administration.[citation needed]

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