Fariba Vafi

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Fariba Vafi
Born 1963
Tabriz, Iran
Occupation Author
Nationality Iranian
Citizenship Iranian
Education Secondary School
Genre Realistic Novel
Notable awards Gholsihiri Year Book Award

Fariba Vafi is an Iranian Azerbaijani writer. She was born in Tabriz on 1 January 1963 in a middle-class family. She started writing early in school and later authored short stories.

Her first short story collection Dar Omghe Sahneh (In the depth of the Stage) was published by Cheshmeh Publishers in 1996. Her second, Hatta Vagti Mikhandim [Even While we Are Laughing] was published by "Nashr-e Markaz" Publishing co. in the fall of 1999. In 2002 Nashr-e Markaz published Vafi's first novel Parandeye Man [My Bird]. This novel received the Golshiri and Yalda awards and has had twenty one printings. It was translated into English by Syracuse University Press in 2009, into Italian by Ponte 33 in 2010, into German in 2012 by Rotbuch Werlag and into Kurdish in 2011 and into Turkish 2016.

Her second novel Tarlan was published by Nashr- e Markaz in 2004, it was translated into German by Sujet Verlag in 2015. Her novel The Dream of Tibet was published by Nashr-e Markaz in 2005. This novel received the Hooshang Golshiri Literary Award for 'Best Novel'.[1][2] Her novel The secret in the Alleys was published in 2008 and was translated into French by Zulma in 2011 and also into Norwegian.

Her third collection On the Way of Villa was published by Cheshmeh in 2008. The Moon Becomes Full is her other novel which published in 2011 and in the same year she published her short story collection All The Horizon . Her last novel is After The End published in 2014, her last short story collection is Without Wind Without Oarspublished in 2016. Some of her stories were translated into English, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Swedish, Japanese and Arabic. Vafi is married and has a daughter and a son. She lives in Tehran.[3]


  • 1986: Dar Omq-e-sahneh (In Depth of the Stage), short story collection, Cheshmeh Publishers
  • 1999: Hatta Vaqti Mikhandidim (Even When We Were Laughing), short story collection
  • 2002: Parande-ye-man (My Bird), novel
  • 2006: Tarlan, novel
  • 2007: Rowya-ye-Tabbat (Dream of Tibet), novel,
  • 2008: Razi dar Kucheha (A Mystery at Alleys), novel
  • 2009 : " Dar Rahe Vila " (On the Way to the Vila ), short story collection,
  • 2011: Hame-ye Ofoq (All the Horizon), short story collection,
  • 2012: Mah Kamel Mishavad (The Moon is Getting Full), novel,
  • 2014: Baad az payan ( After the end ),novel
  • 2016: Bi Baad Bi Parou ( without Wind Without Oars ),novel


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