Fariborz Lachini

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Fariborz Lachini
Background information
Born (1949-08-25) August 25, 1949 (age 74)
OriginTehran, Iran
GenresFilm scores
Occupation(s)Composer, music producer
Instrument(s)Piano, guitar, oboe, keyboards
Years active1968–present
LabelsLachini Media

Fariborz Lachini (Persian: فریبرز لاچینی; born August 25, 1949) is an Iranian film score composer.[1]


He started his career in Iran writing music for children, creating "Avaz Faslha va Rangha" at the age of 18 which caught the attention of the royal family of the time. The title of national Iranian TV's children programming for more than two decades was one of his earlier works. Before Iran's Islamic Revolution, he also created music for some of Iran's pop icons.[who?]

After the Islamic Revolution he moved to Europe to study Musicology in the Universite de Paris – Sorbonne. It was then that his music became influenced by European styles. He returned home and created one of the best-loved contemporary solo piano albums of all in Iran with a unique style, a combination of Persian and European Romantic styles called "Paeez Talaee", also known as Golden Autumn, which has been the number-one seller for years in Iran and has attracted fans from all around the world.

He started composing for motion pictures using the skills and techniques acquired in Europe and soon earned himself recognition as a pioneer of computer technology in music in Cinema of Iran. Since 1988, he has scored for more than a hundred feature films, some of which have been showcased internationally in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Filmography (as composer)[edit]

  • 1978: Baba Khaldar (Iran)
  • 1979: Maryam and Mani (Iran)
  • 1989: Pomegranate and Cane (Nar-o-Ney) (Iran)
  • 1990: Sun's Blade (Iran)
  • 1990: The Singing Cat (Iran)
  • 1990: Snake Fang (Iran)
  • 1991: Life's Luck (Iran)
  • 1992: The Man in the Mirror (Iran)
  • 1993: Once and For All (Iran)
  • 1994: The Wolf's Trail (Iran)
  • 1994: Jewel Mountain (Iran)
  • 1994: Bluff (Iran)
  • 1994: Lost Paradise (Iran)
  • 1995: Utterly Cold Blooded (Iran)
  • 1995: Trap (Iran)
  • 1995: Born Loser (Iran)
  • 1996: Javanmard (Iran)
  • 1996: Unforgiven (Iran)
  • 1997: Wounded (Iran)
  • 1997: Claws in Dust (Iran)
  • 1998: Tootia (Iran)
  • 1998: Stranger (Iran)
  • 1999: Youth (Iran)
  • 2000: Friends (Iran)
  • 2002: Disturbant (Iran)
  • 2003: Poison of Honey (Iran)
  • 2003: Donya (Iran)
  • 2003: Black Eyes (Iran)
  • 2003: Boutique (Iran)
  • 2004: Non Stop to Tokyo (Iran)
  • 2004: Salam (Iran/Afghanestan)
  • 2005: Top of Tower (Iran)
  • 2005: Redemption at 8:20 (Iran)
  • 2005: Aida, I Saw Your Father Last Night (Iran/USA)
  • 2005: Requiem of Snow (Iran/Iraq)
  • 2005: 365 Boots on Ground (USA)
  • 2006: Wedding Dinner (Iran)
  • 2007: My Pink Shirt (Canada)


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