Farman B.2

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Farman B.2
Role Light day bomber
National origin France
Manufacturer Farman
First flight 1920s
Number built 1

The Farman B.2 was a 1920s French biplane designed as a light day bomber. Only one was built.[1]


Farman Aviation Works designed and built in 1924 what was a bulky unequal span two-bay biplane for use as a day bomber.[1] The pilot had a cockpit forward of the wing leading edge, the observer/gunner had a cockpit in a cut-out in the wing trailing edge.[1] The B.2 was tested with different combinations of engines and radiators and it required modification to the fin and rudder for problems with directional stability.[1] Despite all these modifications the aircraft did not meet the required performance and was not ordered into production.[1]


Data from [1]

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 (pilot, observer/gunner)
  • Length: 10.70 m (35 ft 1¼ in)
  • Wingspan: 17.0 m (55 ft 9¼ in)
  • Height: 3.90 m (12 ft 9½ in)
  • Wing area: 63 m2 (678.15 ft2)
  • Empty weight: 1360 kg (2998 lb)
  • Gross weight: 2460 kg (5423 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Lorraine-Dietrich 12-cylinder Vee piston engine, 276 kW (370 hp)


  • Maximum speed: 185 km/h (115 mph)


  • 3 × 0.303in (7.7mm) machine gun
  • 300kg (661lb) of bombs
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