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Location of Farmanieh (black) in Municipal District No. 1 (dark grey) of Tehran metropolis
Traffic in Farmanieh along Dibaji Street looking north towards Farmanieh Street

Farmanieh (also spelled Farmaniye) is a district located in Shemiran, Tehran, Iran centered on Farmanieh Street. Farmanieh neighborhood extends south all the way to Sadr Expressway, where it becomes Dibaji, and as far north as Niavaran Expressway. It has one of, if not the highest household income rates in Tehran[citation needed], being home to many embassies, nobles and notables of Iran.

The west end of the street leads to the Dezashib area, while the east end leads to Farmanieh roundabout at the intersection with northern Pasdaran Avenue. The official post-revolutionary name for Farmanieh Street is "Dr. Lavasani Avenue"; however, this name is rarely used colloquially. The street extends for about 7-8 kilometers.


Farmanieh used to belong to the house of Qajar Dynasty royal prince Abdol Hossein Mirza Farmanfarma (after whom Farmanieh is named). Over years, the original estate was divided between family members and parts of it were sold off to the larger public.

The last few decades have seen an almost feverish rate of development in the area, spurred by the construction of the Sadr Expressway along the district's southern edge. Today, Farmanieh's skyline is dominated by residential towers and commercial skyscrapers, including the Kuh-e Noor banking plaza and shopping center. However, the area's suburban origins are reflected in a small neighborhood park that graces a central square at the intersection of Farmanieh Street and Dibaji Street.


The Pietro Della Valle Italian School, an Italian international school affiliated to the Italian Embassy in Tehran, is in Farmanieh. Italian Ambassador Residence is also in Farmanieh[1]


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