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Farmgate is an important place in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is named so because there used to be a big farm in the area and the gate of the farm was located on the Mymensingh Road (now known as Old Airport Road). This is one of the busiest and most crowded areas of Dhaka city.[1] From the early 1990s, the area has seen massive building and construction boom. Consequently, the area has gained commercial importance and has become one of the major transportation hubs of Dhaka from where anyone can travel to all other parts of the city as well as throughout the country. Today Farmgate has become more of a commercial area than a residential area. Neighboring places of Farmgate are Kawran Bazar, Pantapath, National Parliament, Rajabazar etc.


A sky view of Farmgate to Bijoy Sarani

Farmgate is the nerve center of Dhaka city. As a major commercial area of Dhaka, Farmgate serves as one of the significant business hubs of the city. Many Governmental offices, NGOs (Non Government Organisations), educational institutions, commercial and financial institutions are located at Farmgate. The biggest wholesale market of Dhaka, Kawran Bazar[2] is located right beside Farmgate. Furthermore, Ananda Cinema Hall, one of the city's popular and traditionally renowned movie theaters, is located here. Green Road is the main street of this area, extending from the Farmgate footbridge to Pantapath. Department of Agricultural Extension,[3] commonly known as Khamarbari, is situated in Farmgate. Traffic congestion is a common scene of Farmgate. As a transportation hub of Dhaka,[4] the area most often remains crowded and thousands of cars, rickshaws, minibuses, buses, trucks remain stranded for even hours in the roads and streets of Farmgate. The majority of the inhabitants of Farmgate work in service industries or in business. Dhaka's largest sanitary market and Green Super Market is here. Another highly crowded market, known as Sezan Market is located right beside the Farmgate footbridge. With numerous markets, offices and immense traffic jam, one can take a glimpse and find the ambiance of Dhaka by going to Farmgate.


There are a number of educational institutions located at Farmgate. The most renowned include Government Science College, Government Science College Attached High school, Holy Cross College, Tejgaon Govt. Girls' High School, Tejgaon Govt. Boys High School, Tejgaon College,[5] etc.


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