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Mentanarvirðisløn Landsins (Faroese Cultural Prize) has been awarded by the Faroese government to Faroese writers, musicians, artists etc. since 1998. In 2004 no award was given. From 1998 to 2000 only one award was given, but in 2001 they established an additional award, half as big as the original.

The prize is awarded by a board appointed by the Ministry of Culture. The board also gives additional special awards of 50.000 Danish Koroner and/or so-called sømdargávur or Sømdargáva landsins (grants), given as a lifelong annual grant of DKK 20 000. The main award, Mentanarvirðisløn landsins, is DKK 150.000, and the heiðursgáva landsins (award of honour) is DKK 75.000 koroner.

In 2011 the awards were announced in December, with the next awards announced on 15 January 2013, which was William Heinesen's birthday. This was also the first time that the event was held in Klaksvík, being announced in Spaniastova and broadcast live on national Faroese radio.[1] The following year the prizes were handed out on 15 January in Stóra Pakkhús (The Large Storage House) in Vágur.

Awarded cultural persons[edit]

Mentanarvirðisløn landsins – Faroese Cultural Prize[edit]

Faroese Cultural Prize 2013 was handed to Tróndur Patursson in Stóra Pakkkhús in Vágur on 15 January 2014. Bjørn Kalsø Minister of Culture handed the award.

The main award, the Mentanarvirðisløn landsins (Faroese Cultural Award), is DDK 150.000. These persons have won the award since it started in 1998:

Heiðursgáva landsins – Faroese Award of Honour[edit]

Árni Dahl received the Faroese Award of Honour 2013. Bjørn Kalsø cultural minister handed over the award.

Heiðursgáva landsins is DKK 75.000. These persons and cultural institutions have received the award since 2001:

Other Special Awards[edit]

The board can give a special award of DKK 50.000 if they think it appropriate. These persons have received the award:

Award to Young artist – (Virðisløn til ungt listafólk)[edit]

Trygvi Danielsen received the Young Artist Award 2013. It was bestowed by Bjørn Kalsø, the Minister of Culture.

Málrøktarvirðisløn Landsins – Award for exceptional work on the Faroese Language[edit]

  • 2010 – Jóhan Hendrik Winther Poulsen, linguist

Serstøk virðisløn – Special Award[edit]

This special award is DKK 50.000. These persons have received the award:

Sømdargáva landsins[edit]

Sømdargáva lansins (Faroese Grant) is DKK 20.000, an annual subsidy for the rest of their lives.

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