Faroese independence referendum, 1946

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An independence referendum was held in the Faroe Islands on 14 September 1946.


Faroese independence referendum, 1946
Choice Votes  %
Referendum passed Yes 5,660 50.73
No 5,499 49.27
Valid votes 11,159 95.87
Invalid or blank votes 481 4.13
Total votes 11,640 100.00
Registered voters and turnout 17,216 67.52
Source: Direct Democracy


The result was 50.74% in favor to 49.26% against.[1] The Faroe Islands subsequently declared independence on 18 September 1946; however, this declaration was annulled by Denmark on 20 September on the grounds that a majority of the Faroese voters had not supported independence and King Christian X of Denmark dissolved the Faroese Løgting on 24 September.[2][3] The dissolution of the Løgting was on 8 November followed by the Faroese parliamentary election of 1946 in which the parties in favour of full independence received a total of 5,396 votes while the parties against received a total of 7,488 votes.[4] As a reaction to the growing self-government and independence movements, Denmark finally granted the Faroe Islands home-rule on 30 March 1948.[2]

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