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Farooqui (Arabic: فاروقي ‎‎) (also spelt as Farooqi or Faruqui), is a distinct name or surname or last name.


The name purportedly signifies ancestry from Umar ibn al-Khattāb (Arabic: عمر ابن الخطاب‎‎), the second Caliph of Islam. Umar was also titled 'al-Farooq' (the Redeemer). Today Farooqies are a multilingual Muslim community spread across Turkey', Romania, Middle East' and parts of Europe.

Farooqies in South Asia[edit]

Coat of Arms adopted under Nizam rule

The travel of Adham to Balkh[edit]

Adham, the father of Ibrahim Bin Adham and the great grandson of Umar ibn al-Khattāb, was a great travel as narrated in the papers read in the conference on "Balad As-Shaam". He travelled all the way up to Balkh where he married the only daughter of the King, and his son Ibrahim became the King of Balkh. His descendants got uprooted after the attack by Mongols, and most moved to the area which is now the modern day Punjab.

Spread to South India[edit]

In the later days of the Moghul Empire, it had crippled and a general named Asif Jah decided to move South with his friends and form his own kingdom named State of Hyderabad. Among his friends and soldiers included Farooqies who became preachers and judges. Some took their family title "Qazi" as their family name. Common Surnames used by descendants of Umar Ibn Khattab are Farooqi, Shaikh, Qazi, Fareedi.

The name "Farooqi" or "Farooqui" reappeared from time to time as the Nizam family grew too large, as Farooqui was more or less of a title of reference (to Umar ibn al-Khattāb) rather than a Family name until the mid 19th century. They're official residence was Chowmahalla Palace. It later grew to Falaknuma Palace, Bashir Bagh Palace, etc., under the Jah title.

Spread to Pakistan[edit]

After the 1947 partition of Pakistan and India, many of the Faruqui family members moved to Lahore, where they now live as comfortable higher middle class citizens. They are supposed to be descended from Umar al Khattab.

The Farooqi Dynasty[edit]

Farooqi Dynasty was formed by Abdul Malik Ahmad, the son of minister Khan-i-Jahan Farooqi of Delhi Sultanate. He became a general under Feroz Shah Tugluq and then founded Khandesh (Land of Khan) to become an independent ruler. Khandesh later became a province of Moghul Empire under Akbar.

Qazies of Deccan[edit]

After the establishment of State of Hyderabad, many Farooqies took up the job of judges, ombudsmen, and other law professions. As per the caste systems which recognized families by profession instead of ancestry, their family name became Qazi, along with Sayyids and Siddiquis etc. However these families continued to identify themselves are Farooqis, Siddiquis and Sayyeds.

Farooqies in Saudi Arabia[edit]

In Saudi Arabia, the children of Umar ibn al-Khattāb are known as El-Umari or Al-Omery. However the Farooqies of South Asia, who went back to Saudi Arabia retained the family name Al-Farooqi or Al-Farouki.

Notable Farooqis[edit]

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