Faros del Panamá

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Faros de Panamá
General information
StatusNever built
LocationPunta Pacífica
Panama City
Construction started2006[1]
Estimated completion2010[1]
Antenna spire346 m (1,135 ft)[1]
Roof290 metres (951 ft)[1]
Technical details
Floor count84[1]
Design and construction
ArchitectChapman Taylor[1]
DeveloperHogalia Internacional / Grupo Mall[1]

The Faros del Panamá is a skyscraper complex currently cancelled in Panama City, Panama. The complex, designed by Chapman Taylor, includes Torre Central (Central Tower), an 84 floor building with a planned height of 346 metres (1,135 feet).[2] Like its name states, Torre Central is in the middle of Faros de Panamá's three tower complex.[3] Torre Central will be the tallest of the three, rising from a common podium with the other two towers. The two smaller towers, rising on either side of Torre Central will be similar in design. They are named, very simply, Torre Oeste (West Tower) on the west and Torre Este (East Tower) on the east.[3] Despite being small compared to Torre Central, the East and West Tower still will be 290 m (951 feet) tall and have 73 floors.[4][5] The name of the complex, Faros del Panamá, translates into English as Lighthouses of Panama.

The project was paralyzed by financial problems and has now been cancelled. It is extremely unlikely that this project will ever get constructed. Had it been constructed though, it was likely that the Central Tower would have been the tallest building on Latin America.

It is currently undergoing debt liquidation.

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