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Farpoint Observatory
Organization NEKAAL
Code 734
Coordinates 38°53′24″N 96°00′25″W / 38.89000°N 96.00694°W / 38.89000; -96.00694Coordinates: 38°53′24″N 96°00′25″W / 38.89000°N 96.00694°W / 38.89000; -96.00694
Established 1996 (1996)
Website farpoint page
Clyde Tombaugh Telescope 27 inches (69 cm) reflector

Farpoint Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Northeast Kansas Amateur Astronomers' League, or NEKAAL. It is located 21 miles (34 km) southwest of Topeka, Kansas, USA, near Auburn, Kansas, on the grounds of Mission Valley High School.

Farpoint Observatory is International Astronomical Union (IAU) observatory code 734, and is home to the Farpoint Asteroid Search Team (FAST), which has an international reputation having discovered more than 330 non-NEO (Near Earth Orbit) asteroids in addition to many in NEO orbits. As of January 1, 2014, Farpoint observers had contributed more than 22,000[1] minor planet observations to the IAU Minor Planet Center.

NEKAAL received a $56,060 grant from NASA's Near Earth Objects (NEO) tracking program to acquire and install at Farpoint the Pitt telescope from Lindley Hall, University of Kansas.[2] After full refurbishment,[3] the telescope now measures 27 inches in aperture (primary mirror diameter), 9 feet 3 inches in length, with weight of 1,600 pounds (725 kg).


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