Farqad Sabakhi

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Saint Farqad Sabakhi
Preacher, Mystic, Theologian
Born c. 650-70 C.E.
Died c. 729/30 C.E.
Venerated in Islam
Influences Prophets of Islam, Hasan of Basra
Influenced Maruf Karkhi
Tradition or genre
Ascetic Sufism

Farqad Sabakhi (died 729) was an Armenian Islamic preacher and an associate of Hasan al-Basri.[1] He was thus one of the Tabi'een (i.e. of the generation that succeeded the Sahabah). Farqad as-Sabakhi was formerly a Christian. It is noted that Farqad as-Sabakhi may have mentored Maruf Karkhi, who was a pivotal figure in Sufism.[1] As-Sabakhi was known for his ascetic lifestyle and his knowledge of Judeo-Christian scriptures.[2]

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